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We all know that when it comes to reselling used devices, everyone always looks for the cleanest and best condition options, that show minimal wear and have all accessories and packaging included.

When looking for used iPhones, most of us would be happy to pay a bit more to ensure that the item that we are buying is in as close to original condition as possible. One very important way to keep your iPhone in the best condition possible is to simply cover it with a case.

A small investment into a phone case when you first purchase your brand new device, can be the difference of hundreds of dollars when it comes time to upgrade. iPhone cases do a fantastic job of avoiding scratches, bumps and bruises generally caused by daily use.

For me personally, I tend to purchase a brand new case and a brand new screen protector prior to even taking my new iPhone out of the box, to ensure that it goes straight from the factory packaging, directly into a solid case which I know will reduce the chance of damaging my iPhone.

We believe that a phone case is so important now days, due to the increasing price of high quality electronics especially with the release of the iPhone X. With phone prices ranging from hundreds up to thousands of dollars, a phone case is a very cost effective way to ensure that your device will be protected and will allow for better resale value when it comes time for you to upgrade to the newest device!

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